These AI Marketing Tools Are Changing The Game in 2023

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AI marketing tools have shown great potential in business development, such that ChatGPT is one of Google’s most trending global keywords. The AI craze began when OpenAI’s chatbot took the world by storm through its human-like responses to questions and prompts.

So, companies are chomping at the bit to milk the AI gold rush by using these solutions to transform their business operations, especially in marketing. While some still frown at AI’s dominance in the content space, developers are deploying new tools to humanize ChatGPT text.

The truth remains: these tools have taken center stage. As with similar trends throughout history, early comers pick the most gains. Content marketers and marketing teams can fall in line or miss out on the benefits of AI-powered content creation.

So, how does an AI text humanizer ensure a competitive marketing strategy? Beyond learning how to humanize ChatGPT text, you can wield a game-changing set of tools that guarantee accuracy, deliverability, and ROI.

What are AI marketing tools?

AI marketing tools are high-end technologies and applications that can automate several tasks in a marketing process. When prompted correctly, AI tools can transform how you engage with customers and sell your products.

Some AI tools for marketing already help businesses with email marketing, content generation, and customer data analysis. ChatGPT acts as an AI text generator, while Hemmingway can humanize text from ChatGPT.

Chart of machine learning and how it works

Similarly, content creators use Midjourney to generate images from written descriptions, while Crayon helps marketers keep tabs on their competitors’ latest updates. The list goes on.

Startups and large enterprises can seamlessly pull, organize, and make sense of data to gain marketing leverage. Moreover, data-driven insights from Sales AI provide more accurate predictions to enhance customer experiences and optimize sales operations.

What are the current applications of AI tools for marketing?

Whether writing business emails, designing a website, or anticipating your buyer’s next move, there are many ways to import AI into your marketing strategy. Here they are:

1 — Dynamic pricing

Previously, product pricing was based on instinct or manual assessment of cost, supply, and demand. With the advent of AI, businesses can determine the right price for their products using vast amounts of data for predictive analysis.

Dynamic pricing AI simplifies the process of price optimization and revenue management. In other words, companies can fix prices based on modern algorithms that predict market trends, profits, and revenue.

Other AI tools for marketing analyze market data and consumer behavior so businesses can adjust their prices to changes in demand or competition. 

2 — Marketing automation

AI-powered marketing tools are an added advantage for e-commerce businesses and anyone facilitating business online. You can discover untapped market opportunities using tools that analyze and interpret customer behavior, preferences, and patterns that are hard to spot manually.

Real-time insights from these data-driven technologies make customer segmentation much easier. This way, marketers can focus on serving customers how and with what they expect to be served.

Natural language processing (NLP) software can now analyze customer interactions via phone, chat, or email and categorize how the customer felt during the conversation. Providing marketers with this data will help them personalize their marketing techniques to improve sales.

3 — Content generation

From the AI text generator to the text humanizer, many tools are popping up daily to help users spin words and edit content in seconds.

You can always start with ChatGPT, InstaText, or any free writing tool for your first draft or outline. To beat plagiarism checks as a student writing their essays with ChatGPT, you should get an essay humanizer to run through your drafts.

hand typing and creating content on keyboard

Generative AI text also makes it easier to upload more content within shorter timeframes. Using these tools, you can create product descriptions, blog posts, email copies, or newsletters.

However, always fact-check and edit your content because AI can sometimes offer false information. More specific prompts often guarantee better results regarding content marketing AI tools.

4 — Sales prediction

Marketers can use Sales AI to identify the leads most likely to convert and deploy more resources in that direction. Also, sales teams can draw on AI-powered insights to improve targeting and decision-making functions. These accurate predictions also let you personalize your approach to sales, thus enhancing output and efficiency.

5 — SEO

ChatGPT already supports text generation, but many AI tools can upgrade your SEO game. You can use them to improve rankings in search results through auto-suggested hashtags, captions, keywords, and exact word count.

In addition, tools like SEMrush and offer topic suggestions and content ideas for web and social media simply by analyzing data from top creators in your niche. 

Top AI tools for marketing and SEO, like Keywords Everywhere, can be added as Chrome extensions and used for competitor analysis. You can also assess the quality of your marketing campaigns and optimize the website content to meet Google’s metrics.

6 — Image and video 

AI software for image and video is vital for content creation. They allow you to automate and edit images for your website or social media pages by feeding prompts to these tools.

Specifically, you can prompt HeyGen or MyHeritage to produce animated videos if you’re rusty with traditional video editing. Small businesses and creators already use AI-powered video content to drive engagement on platforms that favor audio-visual content.

15 game-changing AI tools for marketing

Now, to the meat of this piece. Let’s look at the best AI tools in marketing you should start using.

#1 Optimove

Optimove is a campaign insights platform that supplies AI-based marketing features. It collects data from different sources and comprehensively analyzes it on a user-friendly interface.

With Optimove, teams can lead well-informed campaigns and decide on marketing strategies without hassle. It further suggests campaigns you should give up on if your company is running at a loss.

Price: Custom Quote

Top features:

  • Actionable insights
  • Multichannel tracking
  • Hyper-segmentation
  • A/B testing

#2 InstaText

InstaText is a smart AI writing tool just like Grammarly. It can run spelling or grammar checks and rewrite sentences to sound better.

InstaText gratefully preserves the writer’s tone and style even as it rephrases your sentences. Brands who want to maintain their tone in writing will find this a helpful tool. You can also specify multiple keywords on InstaText so that the tool preserves them in their original state as it edits your work.

Price: $11.99/month for individuals/Custom Quote for Businesses

Top features:

  • Rephrasing tool
  • Sentence formatting
  • Tone checker

#3 Jasper

Jasper is one of the top AI content marketing tools changing the content landscape in 2023. With this tool, you can create high-quality web copy, ads, landing pages, blogs, and social media posts. It employs OpenAI’s GPT-3 model to create text that gives a human touch.

Just insert your brand name, and Jasper’s built-in intelligence will whip up the content you need. This smart AI writer also advances your SEO game by generating meta descriptions and titles within seconds.

Price: $40/month.

Top features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Content generation
  • Tone formatting
  • Plagiarism checker

#4 BingChat

BingChat is the GPT-4-enabled version of Bing, developed by Microsoft. It’s a chatbot built on similar models with ChatGPT, where users can insert prompts and receive answers at lightning speed.

Are there any differences between BingChat and ChatGPT? Sure, there are! While ChatGPT is readily accessible, you’ll need a Microsoft account to use the Bing chatbot. This NLP tool, however, can pull answers from more recent web sources.

Price: Free (Limit of 150 conversations per day)

Top features:

  • AI image creator
  • Multiple chat styles
  • Advanced search function

#5 Midjourney

Midjourney is a generative AI art software for creating stunning graphics, illustrations, artwork, and images. Digital art creators can mint the powers within this tool to support their creative prowess and easily produce art.

How does it work? Midjourney transforms sentence prompts into images using the DALLE-2 AI algorithm. After creating the image, you can also edit colors, shapes, styles, and textures.

Price: Three subscriptions ($10/month, $30/month, and $60/month)

Top features:

  • Customizable images
  • Text-to-image generator
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Active Discord community

#6 Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense lives up to its name by sending emails at the time most appropriate for each customer. This AI tool for email marketing offers personalized service to ensure that brands connect with their audience optimally.

The tool is specially targeted at HubSpot and Marketo customers. In addition to increased deliverability rates, it eases the stress of figuring out the perfect time to send mail.

Price: $64/month for HubSpot, $360/month for Marketo

Top features:

  • HubSpot and Marketo integration
  • Behavior profiling
  • Email campaign marketing
  • Analytical reporting

#7 AIPRM for ChatGPT

AIPRM is an AI SEO tool that generates a comprehensive marketing strategy for small and large businesses. You can install a Chrome extension to unlock multiple sales, operations, and multimedia marketing features.

AIPRM facilitates one-click prompts to help users get more planning and marketing done within a shorter period. By targeting primary keywords, it generates a content calendar for your business platforms.

Price: Free

Top features:

  • Quick audience insights
  • 1-click templates
  • SEO power tool
  • AI Image generator

#8 Zapier

Zapier is designed to turn text-based input into data that provide valuable insights. You can transform tweets, emails, posts, and even Slack messages into data for analysis. This is one of the free AI marketing tools you can check out before you choose a paid plan.

With Zapier, marketers can confidently automate repetitive tasks (sending contacts to email lists) and focus on running successful campaigns. Their automated text analysis feature parses loads of data and ensures you don’t miss any valuable insights.

Price: $19/month

Top features:

  • Text parsing
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Third-party app integration

#9 Algolia

Algolia is one of the top AI marketing tools you should add to your business toolkit. It’s an advanced AI solution that enables AI-powered keyword search for fast and accurate search and discovery.

With these data-driven insights, developers can quickly build, transform, and optimize digital UX. You can also leverage Algolia’s front-end libraries and extensive documentation to create robust search experiences.

Price: Custom Quote

Top features:

  • Keyword search
  • Events analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Shopify

#10 PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is an all-in-one AI photo editor that lets users professionally edit photos. If you’re running your business with your smartphone, you need this software to sharpen your picture quality.

With PhotoRoom, you can remove existing backgrounds and insert your preferred background. You can also leverage dozens of mock-ups from PhotoRoom’s storage to create images to sell your products.

Price: Free ($9.49/month for Pro)

Top features:

  • AI photo editor
  • Background remover
  • Unlimited mock-ups

#11 Brand24

Brand24 is a customer intelligence tool for analyzing vast data from social media and online forums to improve marketing campaigns. It sifts through conversations, comments, mentions, and trending topics to pull insights for community managers.

After collecting vast amounts of data from social media, Brand24 presents the outcomes on an intuitive dashboard.

Price: $69/month

Top features:

  • Multichannel tracking
  • Social listening
  • Follower analysis
  • Automated reports

#12 DALL-E

DALL-E is an AI art generator trained on OpenAI’s machine-learning models to turn natural language descriptions into images. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you can create stunning images from simple sentence prompts.

When you insert short texts into this sophisticated tool, creating your digital illustrations may take up to two minutes. 

Price: Free ($15 for 115 images/month)

Top features:

  • High-resolution images
  • Increased variety
  • Outpainting function
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

#13 Synthesis

Synthesis is a popular AI text-to-speech generator that enables video creators to produce professional voiceovers in seconds. This tool can also synthesize AI-powered videos for podcasts, animations, social media, and TV commercials.

When users sign up on Synthesis, they can access over 35 female and 30 male voices to select from. Marketers can also insert pauses within the voiceovers to create a more human feel when the media renders.

Price: $27/month

Top features:

  • Extensive library of professional voices
  • Life-like voiceovers
  • 220+ languages
  • Preview mode

#14 Speechelo

Speechelo is a powerful text-to-speech software to make excellent voiceovers. It will mutate your written prompts, articles, and speeches into human-sounding audio. You can select up to 30 voice types, including the voices of men and women with varying accents.

It will breathe life into your videos, especially when you want to create authentic voiceovers. Unlike other voiceover programs, Speechelo is easy to use and best for converting AI-generated video content into captions.

Price: $97 for the Pro version

Top features:

  • Multiple languages
  • Text-to-voice conversion
  • Voice simulation
  • One-time payment


Last but not least is Albert, an AI marketing software that automatically churns out marketing campaigns for your brand. It investigates your previous campaigns and target market and uses the insights to initiate better campaigns.

You can include Albert in your existing marketing toolkit to access your business account, ads, and socials. Studying customer insights and behaviors also helps sales teams determine the serious leads among the passive lot.

Price: $14.83/month, Custom Quote

Top features:

  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Customizable campaigns
  • ·Analytics and Reporting

Why use AI marketing tools for your business?

Here are some of the potential advantages you can get using AI.

Create opportunities for expansion

Introducing AI insights for strategic planning and decision-making opens your business to new growth opportunities. It’s easier to scale operations when the repetitive aspects of business are automated.

Moreso, using the best AI marketing analytics tools provides accurate datasets businesses need for evaluation, forecasting, and management. When you combine predictive analysis with human experience, your marketing strategy becomes well-targeted.

Improve customer service

Marketing teams can now create tailored campaigns based on individual preferences, consumer behavior, and competitor activities. With AI tools, you can deliver a positive customer experience by giving customers what they need when needed.

Additionally, personalized interactions lead to positive customer experiences that will keep your brand fresh in their hearts. It’s easier for them to reach out when they feel safe doing business with you.

Save costs and time

This software interprets large datasets within seconds; companies can save time for more productive work. AI tools also reduce labor costs because they take care of the job’s mundane aspects, thus optimizing the marketing budget.

If you’re a small startup or business owner, you should leverage AI tools to build your brand and market your services. For a small price, you’ll get tools that humanize AI text to sound just like you do.

Boost workplace productivity

Using artificial intelligence also influences your skillsets as a digital marketer. You can develop strong analytical and decision-making abilities by working with the best AI marketing tools.

When people talk about AI taking over our jobs, it’s because artificial intelligence supplies output at a rate that humans can’t match. However, using these tools in the workplace will make workers more productive.

Key takeaways

  • AI tools in marketing are great additions because they enhance deliverability, inspire creativity, boost productivity, increase ROI, and reduce burnout. 
  • Before deciding on the right tools to select, first identify tasks that can be automated. Then, choose the right tools according to your marketing budget to handle these tasks.
  • Whenever you feel threatened by AI, remember that this is a collaboration with technology to foster success in content marketing.

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