How to Use Undetectable AI to Bypass AI Detectors

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The writing landscape has experienced a dramatic shift since ChatGPT burst into the collective consciousness. People and businesses now enjoy the flexibility of writing content and copies in seconds instead of hours. 

At the current state, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between content written by AI language models and those written by humans. 

And seeing that many businesses are churning out AI-written text by the dozens to manipulate rankings, Google and other AI-oriented tech companies are cracking down on spammy, robotic content.

So, learning to humanize text is an excellent way to steer clear of Google’s wrath and avoid AI detection. Students and academic professionals can also benefit from content humanization.

In this article, I’ll share tools and techniques to help you bypass AI detectors. But first, let’s go through how AI detection works. 

What Are AI Detectors?

AI detectors are software applications that rely on machine learning algorithms to determine if a piece of content was written by a language model or a human.

Here is how a typical AI detection tool works. 

You submit a text to the interface, and the detector analyzes the content structure and flow. Advanced AI content detection tools look for recognizable patterns indicative of AI-written output.

This process is easy since AI chatbots and text generators are predictable. After all, they pull from existing information without the innate advantage of natural creativity — an advantage humans still have over AI.

But these AI detectors are not foolproof, as they can flag a poorly-written article as AI-generated content, even if you spent all day writing it yourself (sorry!). So you need to take their final results with a pinch of industrial salt.

Examples of AI detection tools

  • — a derivative of Google BERT
  • Copyleaks — an AI plagiarism detection tool that also has a Chrome extension
  • ZeroGPT — a free AI detection tool for ChatGPT, Bard, and other language models.
  • — a free AI humanizer for detecting and humanizing AI-generated content.
  • Winston AI — a detection tool for GPT-4 text.
  • Smodin — an AI detector that boasts over 85% accuracy and consistency.

Other notable AI detection solutions include Sapling, Crossplag, and Writer AI.

Why Do You Need To Bypass AI Detectors?

If your AI-generated content can beat AI detection, you don’t have to worry about Google classifying your content as spam. Doing this bodes well for your SEO strategy.

Also, outsmarting these detectors will let your creativity shine through, making your article more unique and relatable. 

Besides, the consequences of getting your content flagged for AI plagiarism are massive. A lawyer got in hot water because of AI-generated text. Students can also end up in front of the Ethics Board for using AI content.

Ultimately, when you humanize ChatGPT content, you give readers more value for their time, produce better and more accurate content, and, as a reward, get Google to rank your content higher.

How to Bypass AI Detection

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of bypassing AI detection. Here are some techniques and tools you need to beat AI detection.

Use creative storytelling

Whether writing an email copy or a creative blog post, you need to tell stories as part of the overall narrative. 

Unleash your creativity by spinning a narrative, anecdote, or real-life example into the bland AI-generated output. This will break the monotony of the text and add a personal touch to it.

Use idioms and human language

Natural “human” language is flawed. Those idioms and culturally nuanced expressions are like secret handshakes with your audience; AI detectors often miss them. So, sprinkle in some idioms and make your content feel relatable and less robotic.

Remove cliches and robotic text

While humanizing your content, avoid cliches like an unmasked cougher during peak COVID. AI detectors can spot cliches with the acuteness of bloodhounds; they have access to an entire catalog of cliches since the beginning of recorded history. 

Use Undetectable AI

If you’ve ever used tools like ChatGPT and ended up with AI-sounding text, Undetectable AI can flip the script, letting you choose a style that suits your audience and evades AI detectors. If you want to humanize AI content for free, use Undetectable AI. 

Use paraphrasing tools

Advanced paraphrasing tools can help you change sentence structures and tone of voice. This is a valuable asset if you want to disrupt the predictability and perplexity of AI-generated content. 

You can also get a human to proofread, edit, and paraphrase the AI output. This could be the deciding factor in whether AI detectors flag your content or not.

Use This Tool To Bypass AI Detectors

If an AI detector tool can incorrectly flag an organically written text as AI-generated, it can also give the green light to AI-written text. 

You can bypass the ‘profiling’ algorithm of an AI content detector by modifying the patterns the detectors look for in your text.

Undetectable AI is the top recommendation for anyone interested in learning how to bypass AI detectors.

This tool scans text and ranks it on a spectrum. The score for human-generated text tends toward 100%, while AI-generated text scores a whopping 0%.

Undetectable AI uses complex rephrasing algorithms, which allow you to choose a balanced result or a deeply humanized one. The AI text humanizer also allows you to choose your preferred tone of voice.

You can also compare the original version with the humanized version without switching tabs. You can even get another free shot at humanizing your content if unsatisfied with the first result. 

With all these features to humanize AI text for free, it’s no wonder Undetectable AI has been featured on Business Insider, Fox, and NBC. You only start paying if you want to scan over 10,000 words monthly.

In terms of pricing, you can pay for the Undetectable content humanizer to get more access to advanced features. The starting price for all available plans is as follows: Monthly ($9.99), Yearly ($5.00), and For Business (custom pricing).

Some features you can enjoy with the paid version include:

  • High-quality content
  • Unlimited credits
  • Redistribution & white labeling
  • Customization
  • API compatibility
  • Priority support

The icing on the cake: you can rest easy knowing that the Undetectable AI detection remover gives you a money-back guarantee if its results are suspected of being AI-generated.

Alternatives to Undetectable AI

If you want to switch gears and use another tool to humanize AI content online, the no-brainer here is AI Detection Bypass

As the name suggests, AI Detection Bypass can help you evade detection and ensure your results don’t fail plagiarism checks. This free AI detection remover is Google-oriented, and since Google rates content based on E-E-A-T, you are getting the best SEO value for money.

Is it legal to use AI detection bypassers?

Using artificial intelligence to bypass detection is perfectly legal. Although some people frown at AI-generated content because they think it cuts corners, the reality is that humans have always looked for ways to simplify tasks.

Apart from that, non-native English speakers can use AI text humanizers to paraphrase complex paragraphs. Marketers can also use AI content bypassers to give their content more verve and personality.

So yes, as long as you are not breaking any rules or passing off someone’s intellectual property as yours, using AI detection bypassers is perfectly legal.

Final Words

Enjoying the speed and efficiency of using AI bots to write your long-form content or copy would have been perfect if you didn’t have to worry about AI detectors and Google’s rating system. But like every other walled garden, there’s a workaround if you know where to look.

You can make practical changes to your writing style. Be more creative in your choice of words, kick cliches to the curb, and when things get tough, let tools come to your rescue.

Don’t shy away from Undetectable AI and the likes for a little nitro boost on your ride towards the perks of better-value content. 


How can I bypass AI-generated text detection?

Undetectable AI can humanize AI-generated content, making it sound natural, readable, and even downright enjoyable. You can also get a human editor to add a personal angle and change the tone of voice. Always check your text in an AI detector before submitting it to your lecturer or hitting that publish button.

Can AI detectors be wrong?

Of course, AI detectors can be wrong because they have several flaws. Just like AI text generators that hallucinate, AI detection tools can also provide false positives. They often flag human-written text as AI-generated content, which could be a serious problem for users.

Is there an open AI detector?

Yes, there are a lot of open AI detectors. One example is Undetectable AI. This tool can sniff out text generated by ChatGPT and other AI writing tools. Undetectable AI also gives you a percentage score of how likely your text is to be AI-generated. Most importantly, you can use it to humanize your text as well.

What is the strongest AI detector?

When it comes to these AI detectors, they all have their own bags of tricks. Some might focus on the fluency and coherence of the text, while others might look at the word frequency and punctuation patterns. In general, all AI detectors focus on perplexity and burstiness as key variables when calculating the probability of humanness.

How do I make AI content undetectable?

One way to ensure your content is undetectable is to write it yourself, using results from your research and your own words. You can also use anecdotes and personal stories to add credence to the topic. But if you want the assistance of an AI humanizer, you can use tools like Undetectable AI and AI Detection Bypass to add that extra bit of humanization and personality.

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